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The Agency "1st Real Estate-Immobiliari" has launched its operations in March 1992, when in Tirana and in Albania did not exist explicitly free market of sales-purchases and leases of real estate. In those years almost lacked legal basis for conducting transactions. It was only a limited number of privately-owned homes, which could have been sold or leased with legal contracts. The rest of the real estate was in the hands of the state, until it began its activities the Commission on Restitution and Compensation of former lawful owners.

One of the first villas (already reconstructed) that was sold by "1st Real Estate" Agency , in 1994, after the villa was returned to its rightful owners by the Commission on Restitution and Compensation

Renting of the ex cluster of communist leader Enver Hoxha, was conducted by 1st Real Estate Agency - Immobiliari after returned to the heirs of its rightful owners by the Comm. of Restitution and Compensation of Property

The process of privatization of state flats (apartments), from the former State Municipal Enterprise Housing, brought a very large inflow in the real estate market. With tens of thousands of apartments were introduced in the market and a large proportion of them began to be sold, or leased.

Buying apartment (currently 1st Real Estate Agency office - Immobiliari) after leaving the law on privatization of apartments from the former State Municipal Enterprise of Housing.

The sale of the former "Partisan Plant", was realized by "1st Real Estate" Agency after its privatization by private shareholders, who bought the property under the law, from the National Privatization Agency

Our agency followed carefully and step by step all the changes and legal dynamics related to real estate transactions, selecting and operating only with those properties that have full legal documentation and excluding those assets with questionable legal status.

We pride ourselves on

For more than 20 years, despite the vicissitudes, dynamics and particular problems that encountered property and ownership in Albania, until today, none of our thousand customers that entered in contract through "1st Real Estate" Agency ; seller or buyer, landlord or tenant, is not facing legal problems and has not ever gone to the gates of the court. This is due to our commitment, professionalism and our responsibility separating and excluding from the beginning, without hesitation problematic properties with uncertain legal status.

-For the first time in Albania-

First Advertisement of "1st Real Estate Agency" coincides with the First advertisement published of the written press in Albania.

In February 1993 was published Business Guide "REAL ESTATE TIRANA - INF", the first of its kind in Albania.

On. 07/08/1997 according to Court Decision Nr.4062, Artan Dervishaj (Agency Administrator)-Founder and ChChairman of


-International Activities Representation-

11-14 March 1994
5th International Real Estate Market – MIPIM (Network with real estate professionals)
Cannes - France
1-5 October 1996

The Third Annual Conference of the Central European Real Estate Associations.
Budapest- Hungary

20 –25 April 1998

Congress of American Association of Realtors
Washington - SHBA

14-20 Octob. 1998

Annual Conference of the Central European Real Estate(CEREAN)
Varsava - Poloni
4-9 Novemb 1998
1998 RELATORS Annual Convention & Trade Expo
Anaheim - California USA
10–17 June 1998

Real Estate Practices in the European Union
Mastricht - (NL)

3-7 June 1999
Seminar of National Forum of Real Estate
Sofia - Bulgaria
26-31 January 2000
Seminar with Council Member of CEREAN bord.
Praga - (CZ)

Lecture in Foreign Universities

May 1994: Teaching at University of Wisconsin, organized in Paris, France, "Specifics of property markets in the period of creating formal markets in Albania"
March 2001:Distance Lecture with students of University of Wisconsin, "Specifics of urban development in Tirana, Albania"
September 2001: Lecture at University of Wisconsin, organized in Madison, Wisconsin, "General Description of Real Estate Markets in Tirana".
March 2002:Distance Lecture with students of University of Wisconsin. "Construction development in the city of Tirana, Albania"

-Studies & Publications-

Immovable Property Market Analysis

Eshte nje studim i kryer mbi te dhenat e Agjensise 1st Real Estate - Immobiliari e cila ka si per qellim tju vije ne ndihme Institcioneve Financiare Kredidhenese, Vleresuesve te Pasurise se Paluajtshme si dhe Individeve te cilet duan te perllogarisin vleren e prones qe zoterojne ose duan te blejne. more >>

Multi-Unit Apartment Buildings in Albania

Prepared for: Conference on "Real Estate Research in Central East and Southeast Europe" 15th and 16th of January 2004 Vienna, Austria. By J. David Stanfield and Artan Dervishi, with Romeo Sherko. Terra Institute, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin Land Tenure Center, University of Wisconsin - Madison more >>

A real estate lesson from thousands of miles away (real estate brokerage in Albania)

It's a long day at the office for Artan Dervishi, a 35-year-old native of Tirane, Albania, who until three years ago was the manager of the Tirane opera house. In 1992 he established Immobiliari Agency Tirane, one of the few real estate companies in the country's capital and largest city. Dervishi's company, more >>

Immovable Property Markets in Metropolitan Tirana, Albania

Author: David Stanfield, Malcolm Childress, and Artan Dervishi. This paper is an output of the Land Market Action Plan in Albania, implemented by the Project Management Unit of the Immovable Property Registration System and the Coordinative Working Group (Tirana, Albania), with support from the Government of Albania more >>


By: David Stanfield, Malcolm Childress, Artan Dervishi, and Llazar Korra. Real estate markets function when people "own" land and buildings attached to the land. Private ownership based on law and defended by the State includes the notion that owners have the right to engage in real estate transactions. more >>


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